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Peckish Dental Treats The Peckish Dental Treats are designed to help maintian healthy, comfortable teeth. The firm gnawing surface will keep teeth clean and at a suitable length, and can help prevent your furry friend from eating their wooden hutch. Peckish Treats have been designed as an all natural healthy treat to be fed in conjunction with a Peckish Small Animal Feed. With no artificial flavours or colours, these treats are extremely tasty and wholesome. Containing carrots, beans, pumpkin, and fresh grains, these delicious taste morsels will have your little friend begging for more! All natural healthy treat No artificial colours or flavours Containing real vegetables and grains All treats should be used in moderation with only around 20 grams given per serve. No more than 50 grams of Peckish treats should be consumed by your pet per day.
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