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MAINTAINING GIANT MEALWORMS Care of giant mealworms is very simple. They can be maintained in a plastic tray or container with 2-3cm of unprocessed bran and maintained at room temperature (20-25°C). They will tolerate higher and lower temperatures than this but should NEVER be kept in the fridge, which is a common practice with common mealworms. The giants are a tropical species and any extended periods of less than 12°C will be fatal. They should be supplied with a piece of fresh carrot, apple, orange, pumpkin, etc. every day or so as a water source, though not too big otherwise it will promote mould growth on the bran. If your worms are kept together as a group in one container they will not pupate and turn into beetles like the common mealworms do so they have an excellent shelf life of between 2-10 weeks depending on conditions. Due to the size of the mature giant mealworms they can be a little on the large size for some smaller lizards, frogs, fish and birds. Adult bearded dragons, forest dragons, monitors, blue-tongue lizards, green tree frogs, etc. are all quite capable of consuming fully grown worms. We have now established techniques for harvesting giant mealworms at smaller sizes s well as the normal large size mealworm at about 1gm in weight and 40-50mm in length, we now also offer medium sized giant mealworms, which are about the same size as a common mealworm at about a quarter of a gram and 25-30mm in length and a small size which way around 0.1gm and measure 15-20mm in length.