Brands: Black Hawk
SKU: CPB0055
Black Hawk Chicken And Rice Kitten Dry Food Black Hawk Chicken and Rice is a high quality, Australian made diet to support the nutritional requirements of kittens. This diet is formulated with higher levels of energy, protein and essential vitamins and minerals to support the fast growth and naturally high activity levels of kittens. With purposeful ingredients such as real Australian chicken to support strong muscles, healthy bones and vitality, and chicory root for intestinal health and optimal nutrient absorption, this diet will start your little one on the right track. This formula also comes in a smaller, textured kibble which is easier for their little teeth to chew. Australian made holistic formula. Delicious chicken and riceSmaller, textured kibble for little mouths. Contains high quality fats and Emu Oil for skin and coat health. Suitable for kittens of all breeds and sizes
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